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Culture is the way a group of people go about their everyday lives.

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Social Groups:
  • There are many social groups in South Korea. Some of these include the family, (Which is the most important social group in a culture) peers, and religious groups.

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Dating and Marriage:
  • When a couple is married, the bride does not accept the husband's surname. Also, married men wear tall hats when they are married. Weddings are similar to its western counterparts, but also have their own unique customs.

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  • There are many religions practiced in South Korea, the main being Buddhism. Buddhism is "a religion, originated in India by Buddha (Gautama) and later spreading to China, Burma, Japan, Tibet, and parts of southeast Asia, holding that life is full of suffering caused by desire and that the way to end this suffering is through enlightenment that enables one to halt the endless sequence of births and deaths to which one is otherwise subject."(Dictionary.com/Buddhism) Christianity is also becoming more popular.
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  • The Korean people speak mainly Korean. (more than 65 million people) Korean is similar to Japanese and Chinese, but is its own unique language. The written language also looks similar to Japanese and Chinese. Korean is a part of the Altaic language family, and the alphabet is one of the easiest to learn, making South Korea one of the most literate counries in the world.

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Cultural Patterns:
  • The South Koreans are rich in culture and tradition. There are many patterns continued today. Some of these include the cultural dress and use of expressive hats. Traditional clothes are bright, colorful, and hide the body shape. Most tradtional outfits are worn only on special occasions, including holidays and festivities.

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Leisure activities:

  • One thing Koreans enjoy is dancing, both modern and cultural. The make pottery as well.

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  • The art in South Korea varies. They do painting, pottery, dancing and so much more.
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  • Koreans listen to just about anything. Their music is similar to the United States, but it is in Korean, not English. They also enjoy traditional folk music. There are a variety of artists in Korea.

  • South Korea's national food is Kimchi. Kimchi is pickled cabbage and is eaten with every meal. Rice is also eaten at every meal, and vegetables are an essential. They eat a lot of seaweed, but not a lot of meat. The meats they do eat include pork, octopus, squid, and chicken.

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