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Jewel of Jordan

Introduction- Oh no! The precious Jewel of Jordan has been stolen. It has been a coveted treasure for hundreds of years and is a precious artifact in the Islamic Religion. Now it is up to you to find it. The Jewel has been stolen from Jordan and is now located in an unknown middle-eastern country.

Task- Your job is to recover the lost Jewel of Jordan. The Islamic people are willing to pay for your travels in the middle east if you find the jewel quickly and keep track of all you spend so you know what to charge them. There are four jobs:
-Travel Agent-how to get places and where to go
-Accountant-keep track of budget and know where you're staying and how much it costs
-Anthropologist-gets information about the Islamic religion and cultures of the places you go
-Historian-gets information about the clues and the ancient places you travel to.

Process- You have to create a powerpoint along the way. This powerpoint has to show what you learned, how much you spent on your journey and what you learned about the Islam religion.
- As you travel, be sure to watch your back, people may be against you....

Make sure in your Powerpoint that you list the places you have traveled to and how you got there. Keep track of what you spend or you might not even get to your location.
--- Your first clue:
- It lies 3-5 hours south of Modern Amman.
- Established sometime around the 6th Century B.C.
- Was a location in a Movie that came out in 2009.

When you reach the location you search through the place until you find the next clue.

Once you get there, you never know where it will lead you, or what you will find.
After you have been to this location and learned things about it and the religion, add it to your powerpoint. List three interesting facts you have learned about the religion, culture, or the architecture.
---Second Clue:
-The lowest elevation on earth.
-You can float on the water.
-Phosphate is a common mineral found in this location.
After you visit this location, the next place you go will have the jewel.

After you learn about the second location, you meet person who tells you the last clue.
---Last Clue:
-The Romans created this 189-190 A.D.
-It seated 5000 spectators when it was used.
-Go to the sixteenth row-go to this site- http://learntobead.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/ladybug7.jpg

Conclusion-After finding the jewel and creating the powerpoint, you should have learned about the middle east, and the Islamic Religion. Also, you are now a hero to the Islam Religion for recovering their precious jewel.

These things must be in your powerpoint:
-Eight slides(includes opening and closing)
-Three facts about each location you visit
-What you learned about the Islamic Religion
-Your travel plans and budget
Correctly identified the three locations.
Find the Jewel of Jordan