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Culture: The way a group of people live and act, their shared behavior; their "way of life".

*Social Groups - nuclear units
Parents usually help with the costs of things (houses, etc.)
The average family has one or two kids, many live in the same house or town.
In Italy due to the low population, people are paid when they have children.

Go to beach, countryside, movies, dances and sporting events.
Soccer is the most popular sport played in Italy.
The teams wear the color's of the home city's flag.
Italy's national soccer team has won the World Cup three times.
Bicycling, horse racing, skiing, tennis, boxing, fencing, swimming, bowling, track and field are also popular leisure activities.

*Dating and Marriage-
Date in couples, groups
they go to movies and dances
26 average age for women to marry
29- average age for men to marry
Can be engaged for up to several years, because men don't get married until after educated and employed. external image italian-wedding.jpg

Italian (official), french, german

*Cultural Patterns-
Pulling down one's eye lid acknowledges anothers cleverness.
They refer to one another by their city of orgin.
They don't hurry to eat when they have company over, their dinner can take 1-4 hours.

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Music Festivals are very popular,
Opera, musical notation, and piano were invented in Italy.

For breakfast they have a light cup of coffee or cuppachino (warm for children).
Their main meal of the day consits of three courses. They eat pasta, fish or meat, and vegetables. In the north they eat pasta or rice with every meal. Pasta dominates in the south. external image italian%20food_1.jpg

Italy is famous for it's arts.
The renaissance begain in Italy,
Many great artists came from Italy,
Giotto, Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, de Vinci, Titan, Bernini, Caravaggio, and Modigliani.
The use of the arch, dome, and vault originated in Italy.

external image Italy_color.GIF Italy is AWESOME!!!