Flag of Israel. Symbol in the middle is Star of David.
Flag of Israel. Symbol in the middle is Star of David.


Official Languages
Hebrew, Arabic, English

Ethnic Groups
76% Jewish, 19% Arab, 5% minority group

Area (size of country)
8,522 sq mi with about 2% water

Population (2008 estimate)

Israeli new sheqel

Culture is the habits and way of life in a region.


In Israel they are big in trance, hip-hop and heavy metal.
They have many other types but are less popular.
A popular metal band they have is called Salem.


76.1% Jewish
16.2% Muslim
2.1% Christian
1.6% Druze
Remaining 3.9% not classified by religion

Dating And Marriages

In Israel there are no civil marrigaes.
All weddings are performed by religious authority


In Israel there are many languages like Hebrew, Arabic and English.
The most used is Hebrew in this country.


Some of the foods in Israel are religious but some basic foods they eat are:
Fassoulia Khadra which is green bean stew.
Imba`tara which is eggs and tomatoes.
Khoubez Kimaaj which is pita bread or arabic bread.
Ghrybeh is shortbread cookies.

Culture Patterns

Israel is home of an extremely diverse culture. Jewish people from around the world have
brought their customs and beliefs to this country. Israel is the only country in this world
where life is centered around the Hebrew Calendar. Work and school are planned around Jewish Holidays.
The day of rest in Israel is Saturday. Literature in Israel consists of mostly poetry and is written mainly in Hebrew.
Any published work of literature in Israel, by law, must have two copies deposited in to the
Jewish National and University Library at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Israeli music is influenced from
all around the world. Arabic music, Greek, jazz and pop rock are popoular in Israel along with Yemenite
music and Hasidic melodies. Sports have not always been a big part of Israeli culture patterns. In the 1930's
the Maccabiah Games, an Olympic style event held for jewish athletes was inaguarated and has been held every
four years since. Popular sports are associations football and basketball.

Leisure Activities

In most families leisure activities are usually playing sports or watching sports. Soccer is pretty big in Israel. Also reading from their own bibles.


Israels greatest art form is their architecture. Fortified Crusader castles, Islamic madrassas,
Byzantine churches, Templer homes, Bauhaus-style modernist buildings, Arab arches and
Minarets, Russion Orthodox Domes, and soaring glass-sided skyscrapers are all parts of Israel.

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