Flag of Hungary
Flag of Hungary

Culture is defined as a particular society at a particular time and place involving their traditions, customs and beliefs.

Hungary-Hungary is locate in Central Europe. Slovakia borders Hungery to the North, Ukraine to the Northeast, Romainia to the East, Serbia to the south, Croatia to the SOuthwest, and Slovenia nad Austria to the West.

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Social Groups
- There are multiple ethnicities in Hungary. Hungary is 90% Hungarian, 4% Gypsic, 3% German, and 3% Other. Other than that there are religious groups, military groups, and sporting groups.

Dating and Marriage
- Hungarians put a high value on marriage and family. They usually start dating around age fifteen. People will generally get married after they finish College of High School. The traditional marriage ceremony lasts for three days and involves going to movies, concerts, and dances.THe Hangarians loke their family so they will marry and start raising a family. Usually, urban people will marry first or earlier in their lives than the people who live in rural areas. No matter where they live, they will generally get married in a church.

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- The most common religion in Hungary is Christianity. There are many religions in Hungary though 74.4 percent of the people in Hungary are Christian in one form or another.

- The original language of Hungary is Magyar though they are now uncertain of the true origins of the Hungarian language because they have borrowed so much from many other languages including German, Latin, Slavic, and Turkish.

Cultural Patterns
- One of the many cultural patterns in Hungary is St Stephan's Day. St. Stephan's Day is celebrated on the 26th of December in the Western CHristian Church. It is celebrated on the 27th in the Eastern Christian Church. It will be celebrated with plenty of foods and parades and fieworks.

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Leisure Activities
- Some of the leisurely activities in Hungary are hiking and cycling. There are many places in Hungary to go hiking and cycling so they are very common activities in Hungary. They also enjoy playing chess and they love to be surrounded by family and friends. They will do anything, sports, watching TV, reading, or going somewhere if they can be surrounded by their families and can enjoy themselves with laughter and jokes.

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-Started becoming a big thing in the 14th century during the industrial revolution. Hungarian art is often called "nouveau" to those who live in Hungary.

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- Some famous composers are Franz Liszt, Bartok, Kodaly. These composers focused mostly on preserving traditional Hungarian folk music. In Hungary they listen to folk music and classical music mostly along with rock, pop, hip hop, jazz, and other modern music that is listened to throughout the world.

- They homecook most of their meals in Hungary. For breakfast they have fresh baked bread and hot drinks like coffee for the grow-ups or hot chocolatefor the smaller shildren. Their lunch is soup which is the simplest of all their meals. The soup is normally clear but occationally it may be some other type of soup like cream or cheese soup. For dinner they have spicy sausages, cheeses, breads, sweet peppers, tomato soup, or goulash.

These are some traditionall Hungarian foods

-goulosh is a type of soup with some type of meat, onion, paprika, carrots, and potatoes.
-sweet peppers filled with spicy meat.-soup filled with
-soup filled with tomatoes and fish.
-dobos tarte which is six thin layers of sponge cake, creamy mocha filling, and topped with caramel glase an all sides.

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