GermanyCulture is the way of life that distinguishes a group of people.
The bomb dig flag of germany!!!
The bomb dig flag of germany!!!

Family-The father is the head of the family. Large families are very uncommon, and the average family has one to two children. Both parents usually work too.

Dating and Marriage-

To go on a date in Germany, people make appointments. They pay for their own food and entertainment. People in Germany usually marry in their twenties. The wedding ceremonies usually are at the City Hall or a religious ceremony is held. Forty percent of people married in Germany usually ends up divorced.
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Barvarian Folk music, German Opera, and modern classical are popular in germany.

Leisure Activities-

They like to hike, ski, swim, bike, tour in cars, play tennis, and have barbaques. Soccer is the most popular sport there and they are very involved in the World Cup.

They have music and theater festivals. They have many orchestras and operas as well. They take great joy in weaving, wood carving, and block printing. World renouned composers, artists, philosophers, and writers have been from Germany.

Roman Catholic is the most worshiped religion in Germany. One third of the country is Protestant, 28 percent have no religion, and 4 percent are muslim. There are also some Christians.
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The official language of Germany is German, although there are many different dialects. English and Russian are also commonly used.

Germany is very famous for its beer. They are also famous for their cheese, 1.8 million goes out of their factories each year. Other common foods are snails, fish, meat, potatoes, onions, beetroot,and fried eggs. Reibe Kuchen is also a common dish, that is mashed potatoes made into a pancake with applesauce on top.

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Culture Patterns-
In Germany, they celebrate oktoberfest, the Celebration of St. Martin, and Christmas.