This is Finland in the winter

Culture:the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group

Finland is a country located in Europe. It is surrounded by Sweden, Norway, and Russia.

General family life::The average Finnish family has 2 children and normally two parents. People tend to move away from home at a young age. Males usually leave later because of the military, an interesting fact about their maternity leave is that they normally get paid for a 11 month leave!
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Dating and marriage:Dating begins at about the age of 15, first in groups then in couples. Young couples usually live together before marriage. They tend to get married in their late 20's. In Finland divorce ends more than 50% of marriages.
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Religions:The official religion of Finland is Lutheran, but there are also other Protestant religions and Christian is very popular also.

Languages: Finnish is the most popular language in Finland, it is also the most spoken by it's natives.

Cultural patterns:Throughout Finnish history it's cultural influences have come from all around. North American influences are prominent today. "One of the most traditional activities characterised by the Finnish culture is cottage life by a lake, often combined with going to sauna, swimming and barbecuing."-wikipedia.

Leisure activities:In the winter the get their fair share of snow so they like to snowboard and ski in the winter. So in some ways Finland is liek us here in the US and some ways very different.

Arts:In Finland theatre is a big part of their arts. They like to dance and preform plays on stage.

Music:Finland is a country that values its music. Finland is not only big on opera and classical music, it also has many very popular metal bands. Finland is known for its metal and it even has a metal festival called Tuska Open Air in Helsinki, Finland.

Eagleheart - Stratovarius