Cuba Culture is the sum of attitudes, customs, and beliefs that distinguish one group of people from the another.
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Social Groups
Family-A typical family is only allowed one ration of rice, beans, cooking oil, salt, sugar, and bread. They are also only allowed one bar of soap, one toothbrush, and one tube of toothpaste. Milk is only available to a mother with children under six. These rations usually last fifteen to twenty days. There is lttle food, but nobody dies from shortage. The life of elderly people and single mothers is hard. It's very difficult to meet ends. For Cubans, any kind of meat, chicken, etc. is a luxury.

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Dating and Marriage
Couples meet at schools, parks, youth parties, dances, music festivals, beach outings, and movies. The average age for marriage is in the twenties. For weddings they usually have a ceremony held in a "wedding palaces" and followed by a small family party. Some people have a ceremony at a church or some have a civil wedding because of how expensive weddings can be.

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Cuba is a communist country so it makes it hard to practice religion (least religion country in Latin America). Half of the population are baptized in a Catholic very few practice the religion. Catholic administrations face many restructions from the government. Catholicism is often combined with ideas from Afirican religions and from a belif system know as Santería. They have churches from Protestant, Baptist, Medodist, to Presbyterian churches. People also communicate with the dead which is called brujería (witchcraft). The division between church and state strictly maintained.

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All Cuban's speak spanish but some speak Yoruban (west African) expressions. Spanish was introduced by the spanish explores and conquistadores. Yoruban was introduced by the African slaves and survived by their religion.

Culture Patterns
The average Cuban family tends to be small. The Cuban mother has an average of 1.9 children. Cubans are very close and everyone treats each other like blood relatives. A Cuban's living space is a prized possession. At home the family helps with everything. All chores and responsibilities are shared between family members. 42 percent of women in Cuba are working mothers. School is taken very seriously and most children focus on math and science.

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Leisure Activities
In Cuba their are many sports played such as basketball, volleyball, softball, and baseball. Among all of these baseball is the most popular. Since professional sports were abolished most of Cuba's players come to North America to play in the major league.

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The Cuban Government strongly supports the arts. They sponsor free ballets, plays, and other cultural events. The arts consist of many different cultures, including African and Spanish. Cubans consider dancing an essential part of experiencing their music. There are many types of Dance Companies in Cuba! Sculpting is one of the most famous kinds of visual arts. Cuba has been a dynamic scene for film directors, and many Cubans study cinema.

Most of the music in Cuba is from a European or Afrivan culture. African slaves made many of the instruments. Th instrument most played is the drums, which is one of fifty different kinds. Guitars were brought by the Spanish, which also included the clarinet, violin, and vinuela. Chinese immigrants brought the Corneta China, and a Chinese reed instrument that is still played in the Campasas or Carnival Group. Some of the major types of music in Cuba consist of funk, jazz, salsa, rock n' roll, and pop!

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Cuban meal consits of rice, beans, meat dish, salad made of tomatoes, lettuce, and avocado. Sofrito is a sauce used to flavor the meat and bean dishes, it is made of onions, bell pepers, oregan, adn bay leavess. Creams, milk, and heavy cheeses are not used in making to many things because they are expensive in Cuba and it is also hard to store. Cuban and African cusiane is basically Cuban food beacause oh how the country grew and African were in Cuba. Desert is a Cuban puff-pastry that can be filled with a sweet or savor flavors.

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