Code Name: Turban
IntroductionA man named Ahkmed escaped from prison and fled to one of the three suspected countries. The suspected countries are Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. These countries are suspected because of his background.

TaskYour job is to put together facts you find on given websites to find this terrorist's hiding place.
ProcessThere are three categories of facts to evaluate:
You need to know:
the geography of the country
the government of the country
and the history of the country.
You need to split into the following groups:
GeographerYour clues are: Not landlocked, has mountains, borders a body of water.
PoliticianThe government is a republic, head of government is considered a Prime Minister, gained independence after 1940.
HistorianFought 2 wars with India, was occupied by a European country, currently in war with US.
EvaluationYou will need to record your data as an essay. Name the countries that fit in the given clues and then conclude by stating which country you believe Ahkmed is in.Conclusion
After writing this essay, you should have learned more about these three countries and you will be a hero for locating Ahkmed, the fugitive.Bibliography