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Trade has made China a powerful nation. In the Qing Dynasty, 1644-1911, China was the most powerful country in the world! Before Europeans began colonizing in foreign ports around the world China was the leading country economically. Discover the old and new China!Old ChinaWhat were they trading?Who were they trading with?Where were the trade routes?China Today
Today China exports new products. China is still a giant in the export business.What is China trading today?Who are the major trade partners?How much do they trade?
Your task is to compare the old and the new!Here are the assignments to help you understand China's role in the worldOld China1.make a map of trade routes during the Qing DynastyInclude a key to show what products are being traded and who the trade partners were2. Graphs - show products traded (tea, porcelain, silk) and,major trade partners before and after European tradeNew China3. Map - Who are China's major trading partners today?4. graph - Who are China's top trade partners today and what is being traded?(include dollar value of traded goods)Find information at CIA World FactbookFind more information here..Contemporary China.ppt
China trade partners & dollar value
China's Major Imports & Exports
5 - Finally, write on one of the following topics (minimum 150 words)
Be sure to include your sources!
What role did China play in trade before the European Age of Exploration?
What is China's role in the world economy today?orExplain the U.S. - China economic relationship.