• What does Culture mean?

    Culture means: The attitudes and behavior that characteristic of a particular social group or organization

  • ===Religions
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Almost 95% of the Cambodian people are of the Buddhist faith. The smallest religion in this country is Christian, these are converted by missionaries. They belong to the Theravada branch of the Buddhist faith.
Most Cambodians believe in Ghosts, spirits, and many other supernatural creatures. They also have witches and do magic rituals.

    • Arts
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Cambodians have many types of art and are very proud. Some examples include; silk weaving, stone, carving, traditional music and dancing, jewelry making, and so on. One admired traditional dance is called the, "Heavenly Nymphs Dance",

  • Social Groups: They show respect to the elders and that is something that they have to do in there daily life, they have pretty small business that keep them up and running but the businesses are pretty low class.
They have ethnic groups, which is about 90% of the Cambodian culture.

  • Cultural Patterns
They have this daily pattern that the boys will cool off in the shade of there homes. They also have special things for children to do, between the ages of three and four they are free to do whatever, by the age of 5 they have to watch younger siblings by the age of 7-8 they have learned to be obedient by the age of 10 girls have to help there mothers with daily housework, 11- 19 they get married and they have to be responsible for all kinds of things especially the men because they have to take care of there parents too.
  • Dating & Marriage

Their Cambodian weddings, they get married at age 19-23. They usually get married pretty young and don't have arranged marriages, they have ceremonial parties which include; cutting hair, tossing candles, and tying cotton around thread

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Most Cambodians speak Khmer. Khmer is based on an ancient alphabet from South India that is written on ancient script. The Khmer alphabet is very confusing and everything is very similar. They have many rules too, as we do in english.

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  • Cambodian food have three main ingredients which are boiled or steamed rice, fruit, and vegetables. They are eaten with some sort of meat or herbs. Most of there meals are light and usually are sweet and sour.

  • Music

Cambodian music comes in many different types of genre. The most popular are; Plegkar, which is wedding music, Pin Peat, which is ceremonial and ballet music, Mahaori, which is classical and entertainment music, Lakaoun Bassac, which is theater music, and Samai, which is pop music.

  • Leisure Activities

Cambodia is fairly poor so they don't have many activities like we do here in the America's. So in their leisure time they like to smoke, swim, work, and play or watch sports. They especially like kick boxing where you punch with your feet not your hands.

  • Family Life

The birth of a child is a happy event for the family. A woman who dies in a child birth is believed to become an evil spirit.
Cambodian children are nursed until they are 2-4 years of age and then they have a lot of freedom. When the children are 7 or 8, they start