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 Culture:The way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs. General Family Life Household size: 6 people
Dwelling size: 1,100 square feet (2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom)
Workweek: Father-60 hours a week
Mother-"Constantly working"
Number of: Radios-1

The mother accompanies her three kids on the public bus en route to school every morning. The family has not been robbed, but they consider their neighborhood to be very unsafe.

Leisure: Soccer! Péle, who many consider to be the best soccer player in the world, comes from Brazil. Soccer is called fútbol in Brazil. When Brazil's national teams plays, the nation stops EVERYTHING to watch the game--traffic, stores, etc.
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Samba is the main choice of music in Brazil. Frevo is preferred over Samba during Carnival. Both of these types of music are homegrown, but Brazilians love imported music as well. One of the biggest crowds in history gathered when a massive amount of people packed into Rio De Janeiro's giant soccer stadium to watch Frank Sinatra perform live.

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Catholic Holy days make up about half of Brazil's national holidays. By 2000, Evangelical Protestants represented 9% of the population. The Universal Church of God's Kingdom owns Brazil's 3rd largest TV network. But 9 out of 10 Brazilians are Roman Catholic; Brazil is the world's largest Catholic nation.

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The two staples of a Brazilian diet are manioc flour and beans. In many restaurants and homes, the Saturday feijoada is a weekly ritual. it combines black beans and various types of dried and smoked meats. This meal developed from help from all three of Brazil's ethnic roots. Bahia is home to Brazil's most distinctive cuisine, combining seafood and tropical food of the Northeast coast. Açai fruit is a well known exported fruit from Brazil. Breakfast is light, lunch is the biggest meal of the day, and dinner is late and smaller than lunch. Coffee is Brazil's national drink.
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The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. Brazil's Portuguese is different than the Portuguese spoken in Portugal. Another popular language spoken in Brazil is Spanish, which is very similar to Portuguese. Also, some minority indian groups still speak their own languages.
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Art: Brazil's music best explains its heritage, so it is the best form of art there. Music and dancing also plaed an essential role in the rights of African slaves. Plantation owners appreciated their wild dancing and taught them to play European instruments. Slaves learned to appreciate the instruments, and today many ethnic backgrounds have melded together to create the beats they have today.
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Dating and marriage:

In Brazil, marriage traditions are expressive and rich. Traditional Brazilian wedding celebrations and folklore are rich in legends, beliefs, songs, dances, and food. Dating starts in teens and is usually just fun, casual meetings. Then, when the teens mature, they start looking for more serious relationships, with their parents approval. Generally they have a long engagement followed by marriage.

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