Culture means: The lifestyle, customs, religions, and traditions of a certain group of people
Dating and marriage in the Bahamas is kind of similar to the U.S. In the Bahamas marriages are monogamous. You may not marry a blood relative but in small communities marriages between more distantly related then first cousins are common. There is no stigma attached to re-marriage.

The art and music in the Bahamas is very distinct. Junkanoo is the most popular style of music in the Bahamas because of how long it has been around and for its heritage of the islands. The Baha men won a Grammy in 2001 for the best dance recording. Music is in the bones of the people; African Rhythms, Carribean Calypso, English folk songs, and the Bahamian Goombay (piano or guitar with percussion instruments). Goombay is the Bantu word for rhythm which also refers to the type of goatskin drum used to produce the rolling rhythmical beat. There are some art galleries in the Bahamas to show off some of their best pieces. Some of the galleries are the Kennedy gallery, Caripelago, Charlotte's galley, etc.

LanguageThe Bahamas main language is English with a couple improvements some say. They speak English but with different accents. Depending on where the person you are talking to originally came from. For example some people there have a Haitian accent when speaking English, because they came from haiti. There is a diverse variety of languages spoken by the people there but they mainly all speak english. It's quite interesting how the bahamas doesn't have a second language.

Social Groups

Your typical bahamian family has a Mom a Dad and the kids (about 3 or 4) live together, anyone other than that, such as friends or extended families or grandparents, are considered their relatives because everyones like family. Population approximatly ranges from 275,000 to 325,000 people ther,with many illegal economic refugees from Haiti who account for 20 to 25% of the population. About 85% of Bahamians are of African ancestry, and most of the remainder are European descent. People of Asian ancestry occupy a very small part of the population. Some racial mixing has occurred. Approximately 60% of the population is urban, a proportion that is growing rapidly as young adults migrate from out-island settlements to the urban areas of Nassau and Freeport. The term family island is used commonly because of the unity of the people in the island.
Although mealtime is very important for Bahamians, traditional sit down dinner are reserved mainly for Sundays. Home cooking is still generally preferred, But USA has influenced fast food into the family household at least twice a week. More than half of the Bahamian population is considered overweight because the Bahamian food is considered high in cholesterol and calories. Seafood is the main food in the Bahamas. Conch considered the main dish. SOme of the conch dishes are conch fritters, cracked conch, battered and friend conch, and conch salad. Fish is also very popular. Some of the most popular fish in the Bahamas are grilled swordfish, boiled crawfish, and salmon. Bahamas are not really big on sweets, but one of there favorites are Guava Duff.


Most Bahamians are Protestants. Religions that are small are growing very fast. Some of these religions are Evangelical denominations, Baptists, and The Church of God. 35% of Bahamians are Baptist, 15% are Anglican, 14% are Roman Catholic, 8% are Pentecostal, 5% belong to Church of God, 4% are Methodist, and 15% are other small religions. Most Bahamians are very religious. They all are a huge part of their churches. They have after school activities at church for the kids, they have picnics at the beach after church. Church leaders pay an important role in government decisions.
Leisure activities, cultural patterns and traditions
The bahamas economy is driven by tourism their profits are from a lot of tourists. The economy of the bahamas is driven primarily by tourism, but it is supplemented by banking, agriculture and fishing. When people think of the bahamas they think of the water that people love to play in. In the bahamas water there lives dolphins. People like dolphins. At least fifty percent of the bahamians are employed in some kind of tourist business. In 2007, an estimated 4.6 million tourists visit the islands. The bahamians like to spend their time doing their swimming and their dolphin riding. The bahamas call their place the family islands. Bahama likes a lot of outdoor activities like biking, beaching, cricket, tennis, and windsurfing. the bahamas live up to the Caribbeans reputation for renowned world class snorkeling and diving. This amazingly gorgeous vacation spot features some of the most spectacular and unique underwater scenery, guaranteed to take your breath away. Bahamian culture is formed by mixing African and European cultures together. They are molded with a cast from American hip hop. The bahamas are very islandy and they have all the traditions of a basic island. They have straw markets and they like to play goatskin drums with a fast paced "goombahla Jubaku" to create their traditional music.*Pioneer
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