A Game Postponed


Bryce was on his way to a soccer tournament in Southeast Asia. He accidentally got on the wrong plane and is now somewhere in Southwest Asia. It is our job to find him given the clues provided. He could be in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, or Afghanistan.


We need to find Bryce as soon as possible. He has an important game and cannot miss it. He has been able to contact us and give us clues about where he is, but is unable to determine exactly where he is. We need your help to find Bryce and get him to his game.


You will have to fulfill several jobs in order to find him. They include
  • Anthropologist
  • Historian
  • Food Critic
Each job will have a specific task you must fulfill and information for you to find. Once each job is complete you will compile the information you have found on a single spreadsheet, and then make a brochure of the location.

external image countryside.jpgexternal image photo_lg_egypt.jpg


1. Their largest city is their capital.
2. Their climate is mostly arid or semi-arid.
3. Is is bordered by two bodies of water.
4. Some of the natural resources are natural gas, petroleum, and copper.


1. Their GDP per capita in 2009 was above $7000 a year.
2. Their population is below poverty is below 25%.
3. Their life expectancy is over 70 years old.
4. They have more cellphones than main line phones.

Food Critic:

1. Their national food involves rice, chicken, onions, and cinnamon.
2. Their national food is not spicy.
3. Their national food does not include lamb.



  • Did you work as a group?
  • Did you find the location?
  • Did you make a spreadsheet?
  • Did you make a brochure about the country you decided on?


You should have learned about some of the culture in Southwest Asia. You also should have learned about some of the countries located in Southwest Asia.