What Boris Reckons: A Journey for Chocolate

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external image gourmettruffles-l.jpgIntroduction

The Queen is issuing a challenge to Boris. He is said to be the town joker and the Queen is giving him a chance to prove himself. The Queen gets her servant to hide some of her precious chocolate in one of the Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. You will help Boris find the chocolate. Find out the country, the city, and the historical site the chocolate is hidden in.


Your task is to help Boris discover where the chocolate is located.


Help Boris by researching each country and learning about the culture and history in each country. You will have four clues for each section and you'll have to create a spreadsheet to help you eliminate the possibilities. In the end, you are to either write an essay summarizing what you learned, how you got to your conclusion, and what your conclusion is; or create a power point with pictures and the information. You'll have to include the spreadsheet - The Journey for Chocolate.xls


Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

  • Was part of Livonia
  • The capital is also the largest city
  • Populated since 9000 B.C.E.
  • Christian missionaries came around the 1200s

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Estonia - Tallinn, Parnu
Latvia - Riga, Sigulda
Lithuania - Siauliai, Vilnius

  • Has a gulf with its name
  • Houses the largest church in the Baltic States
  • Was part of Russia
  • Started with the arrival of Germans

Historical Sites

Tallinn, Estonia - Dome Church, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Parnu, Estonia - Parnu Museum, Elizabeth Church
Riga, Latvia - Riga Castle, Lutheran Cathedral
Sigulda: Latvia - Turaida Castle, Knights of the Sword Castle
Siauliai, Lithuania - Hill of Crosses, The Golden Boy
Vilnius, Lithuania - Church of Saint Anne, Lower Castle Museum

  • Founded around the 1300s
  • Rebuilt around the 1500s
  • Built on a basis of treaty
  • Built on land once occupied by a hospital and shelter for the poor

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Students will be graded on the following:
  1. How well the group works together
  2. Whether they h ave researched and learned about the culture and history of countries
  3. Whether they have created a spreadsheet
  4. Whether they have found the right country, city, and building
  5. If they have created a power point with pictures or a one-page essay

Use this Rubric to grade the assignment:

Group Effort
4 Members
3 Members
2 Members
1 Member
What You Learned
Learned about Culture and History
Learned about Only Culture/ History
Learned some about countries
Didn't learn much
Learned nothing
All the way complete and done neatly
Mostly complete missing some information
Halfway done
No spreadsheet
Correct Answer
Got the right country, city, and site
Got country and city right
Got country right
Got nothing right
Did not try
Did a powerpoint/ one page essay with correct info and pictures
Did a powerpoint/ essay with correct info, no pictures
Did a powerpoint/ essay with some correct info and pictures
Did a powerpoint/ essay with no correct info
Did not do a powerpoint/ essay



You should have learned, while doing this project, about the history and culture of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. By learning these things you should be able to distinguish what country, city, and building the chocolate is hidden in. Thanks for playing!

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